KIZUNA - Body in the West, Heart in the East

In deep connection with Japan, it is while having this spirit that our company has started started and continues to evolve to this day. We are always working with different artists from Japan who are working on traditional and modern scenes of Japan and its culture. Bringing the unique creations and techniques from the Land of the Rising Sun to everyone who would appreciate this culture is now more than a goal, it's a mission.

SHIZEN – Paying respect to mother Earth

In the idea of ​​paying respect to nature, Kogarashi Clothes will always strive to bring you clothes that are ethical and responsible to the planet. Our company spends a lot of its time and resources trying to find alternatives that are sustainable and environmentally friendly while maintaining our quality standards. We have already taken a number of steps and will continue to move in this direction.

KOKUSAN – National Production

Every year, in addition to impacting the environment, relocation is making locals losing thousands of jobs in France. We are constantly looking for comprehensive solutions that can benefit all parties, from the producer to the consumer. Aware that tomorrow will be loaded with new challenges, we do not give up and remain faithful to our desire to work with local companies and it is in our French workshops that we realize most of our creations.